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Despite significant expenditure in all three countries, the internal marketing campaign continues to be essential, indicating that it has not been successful in creating the desired attitudes. In fact, all three countries have indicated that they intend to step up [ 165 ] Anne P. Crick Internal marketing of attitudes in Caribbean tourism International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 15/3 [2003] 161-166 their campaigns because they are concerned about slippages in attitude. This paper merely sought to introduce the topic and reasons for the lack of success are therefore beyond its scope; but the study does introduce some interesting areas for research that might explain it.

The three countries selected for this study have fully embraced tourism and have dedicated significant resources to its promotion and development. Jamaica Jamaica – the third largest English speaking country in the Caribbean – has pursued tourism seriously since the 1950s. As traditional sources of earning such as agriculture and mining have declined, tourism has become more important as a source of foreign exchange and employment. The country was and continues to be a sand, sea and sun destination, but has long ago diversified and today is also known for its vibrant music festivals, heritage and culture.

Likewise, Sunday is considered to be a ‘‘holy day’’ by some Protestants’ religions such as Pentecostals. Muslims, Hindus and other religious groups do not prescribe to this religious thinking, but may consider other days in the week as holy. This article will, therefore, seek to identify the hospitality industry’s position on employing Sabbath-keepers. com/researchregister Caribbean University (NCU), a private Seventh-day Adventist institution in Manchester, Jamaica. Research objectives 1 To determine the availability of degree programmes in hospitality management by Sabbath-keeping religious institutions.

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