Assessing Language - Gr 8 by Rosemary Hug

By Rosemary Hug

Millikens new Assessing Language sequence for Grades 4-8 offers academics a wealthy number of reproducible standards-based checks. every one e-book comprises fifty six grade-appropriate worksheets appropriate for tracking ability retention in addition to perform and reinforcement.

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1. with a semicolon—The dog kept trying to sneak out; however, he was not successful. 2. with a common and a conjunction —It looks hard, but it’s really easy. 3. with a period—I never really enjoyed baseball. Football is my favorite sport. III. 1. The winds picked up dramatically we took cover in the shelter. 2. On Tuesdays Frank has band practice he plays the tuba. 3. I baked the pie this morning I have not cut it yet. 4. Studying plants is fascinating there are so many different kinds. 44 Assessing Language: Grade 8 Name Period Date Score Simple and Compound Sentences simple sentence compound sentence simple sentence EXAMPLE: Barbara returned the book to the library.

A. moral—ethical; decent 12. a. imply—to suggest something 13. a. accept—to receive 14. a. coarse—rough; crude 15. a. peace— opposite of war or disorder 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. b. stationery—writing paper b. waste—to ruin; to squander; to use up carelessly b. all ready—completely ready b. latter—the second of two things mentioned b. formerly—in the past; previously b. b. b. b. b. b. alter—to change in some way morale—mental condition; spirit infer—to draw conclusions from facts except—excluding; other than course—path of action piece—part of something The room was unusually (quite, quiet).

3. In the refrigerator we found cold chicken. 4. The beacon light on the hill signals ships. 5. Put your hands on the desk. 6. Hard work is necessary for success. 7. The letter arrived yesterday after lunch. 8. The small children shouted to the ice-cream man. 9. Let’s play checkers after dinner. 10. Joe hit a fast ball into the bleachers. II. 1. near the window 2. of his family 3. across the street 4. from his pocket 5. in the rain 6. during the summer 41 Assessing Language: Grade 8 Name Period Date Score Clauses clause independent clause EXAMPLES: I attended Miami University.

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