Aliens by Stuart Kallen

By Stuart Kallen

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Who were reported missing and never found ended up as food for hungry Dracos. Few people have come in contact with Dracos and Reptoids. Among those who believe they have is Thomas Edwin Castello. He has a different view of them; he contends the lizardlike aliens are not that terrifying. Castello says he worked with Dracos every day Did You Know? 32 M Aliens Underground any ufologists believe Reptoids, Dracos, and Greys inhabit large underground cities in the western United States. A vast network of tunnels connects these alien metropolises.

I can’t believe this. This is absolutely unbelievable. . They’re cutting out a piece of my gum. I’m terrified, just terrified. I’m absolutely terrified. And yet I know . . I’m not afraid for my life. And I’m furious. There are no words to describe how mad I am because I feel like they’re just torturing me. . ” . . 40 Implanting Devices Around 45 percent of abductees say that at the end of the examination small, round, metallic devices are implanted in their bodies by the aliens. These can be stuck into brains, ears, noses, teeth, legs, and glands.

He says Reptoids told him they will make themselves known to the human race in 2012, appearing first in England and then Tibet. Dracos at the Dulce Base Those familiar with Reptoids say that they are obedient to elite royalty called Dracos. These creatures are much larger and more fearsome than Reptoids. 7m) long from the top of the head to the tip of the tail. The creatures can weigh up to 1,800 pounds (816kg). Grey aliens are featured in Dracos are said to have terrifying yellow eyes with the blockbuster 1982 film slits for pupils.

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