Age of Sail ll: Prima Official Strategy Guide by Prima Temp Authors, Talonsoft Inc.

By Prima Temp Authors, Talonsoft Inc.

Wage campaigns and stay history!

Grab a replica of Age of Sail II: Prima's reputable process Guide prior to you command your ships to victory. Prima's consultant can assist you capitan the main memorable send in background, delivering you Prima's support. Prima's respectable method advisor give's you:

• A primary word list of naval phrases for specialist send navigation and management
• distinctive info on send layout for id of enemy and allied ships
• potent education information for professional seamen and landlubbers alike
• severe naval innovations for a hundred historic missions
• tips about surviving conflict in single-player mode and multiplayer mode

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Ship: During the game’s time period, a specific term for a square-rigged vessel with three masts—in the game, any three-masted (foremast, mainmast, and mizzenmast, plus bowsprit), medium-to-large, square-rigged vessel. ship(s) of the line: In the game, a three-masted (foremast, mainmast, and mizzenmast, plus bowsprit), very large, square-rigged vessel used in all major European navies from about 1650. During the wars between Great Britain and the Netherlands in the mid1600s, tactics evolved to where warships commonly maneuvered one behind the other in a line of battle to best utilize their fearsome broadsides.

Orlop deck: The lowest deck in a ship, often mostly or completely underwater. Bulkheads usually compartmented it into holds. Most of a ship’s cargo, stores, and provisions were kept on this deck. Usually it held the ship’s galley (kitchen), as well, and, on warships, the surgeon’s operating table. overhaul: To examine or repair a vessel, especially in a shipyard; to overtake a ship in chase. pay round off: When a ship, near the wind, falls off from it against the helm, in spite of every effort to prevent it.

The idea was for the ships to support each other by covering each other’s bow and stern. com Chapter 2: Discussion of Tactics in “Age of Sail II” brought to bear on their advancing forces. This forced most fleets to adopt the same tactics and approach in line formation themselves. Because the ships basically went at it one-on-one, only the strongest ships could be used in a line. com Prima’s Official Strategy Guide WIND The Fleets Engaged The Tendency of Windward Ships Although the ideal was to swing a fleet toward the enemy, then turn and engage, ships in a battle line didn’t move all at once.

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