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1 5. Aft C rew Berthing This space houses the majority of the ship's sailors. It is cramped and smells strongly of sweat. The doors of this cabin can be barred from the inside, and a successful DC 20 Perception check reveals that they are fitted with hidden murder holes. This cabin can be used as a safe room, from which defenders can attack anyone approaching. 1 6. Armory The door is locked with a good lock (Disable Device DC 30); the master-at-arms and the boatswain each have a key. Inside are racks containing 20 crossbows (along with crates containing 400 crossbow bolts), 40 daggers, 20 masterwork boarding pikes, and 20 masterwork cutlasses.

When the armada mustered, Frost-Eye bonded his raiders in blood, making them swear to continue their conquests until their ship either returned home laden with plunder or sank to the ocean's depths. In death, the crew learned that their captain's blood rite had pledged them to the demon lord Dagon. When the Sea Shadow wrecked, only a handful of raiders survived. finder RPG Bestiary z no), seeking to return to their vessel, but Kjell's survivors had already scavenged parts from their accursed ship.

The door to this room is locked at night with an average lock (Disable Device DC 25), with keys held by each of the officers, the captain, and the first mate. 1 1 a. Offi cer's Storage This room contains stout wooden lockers that hold the personal effects of the ship's officers. The lockers are secured with average locks (Disable Device DC 25), and they contain three sets of courtier's clothes, a silver­ 50 gp, and a ten13u drinkin13ju13 (Advanced Race Guide 167), among other and-pearl holy symbol of Qi Zhong worth mundane personal effects.

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