A Real Variable Method for the Cauchy Transform, and by Takafumi Murai

By Takafumi Murai

This examine monograph experiences the Cauchy remodel on curves with the thing of formulating an exact estimate of analytic skill. The be aware is split into 3 chapters. the 1st bankruptcy is a overview of the Calderón commutator. within the moment bankruptcy, a true variable process for the Cauchy remodel is given utilizing purely the emerging sunlight lemma. the ultimate and crucial bankruptcy makes use of the tactic of the second one bankruptcy to check analytic skill with integral-geometric amounts. the must haves for examining this e-book are easy wisdom of singular integrals and serve as conception. It addresses experts and graduate scholars in functionality idea and in fluid dynamics.

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22). (Second Step). 23) We show t h a t , for any E k=l I(XkU, Yiv) I ~ u, v E L2 % I(Xku, YkV) l + C 6 { ~6(Y)(~(X) + k=l + $0(xll/2(~(Y) + o~6(Y))} Ilull2 where X k = Xik ' Yk = Yik. We have supported on I , Ilvli,~ 2 (X = K, T; 0~6(X)) Y = K, T), 45 + Put Z k=l (XkU, YIV) I ~ Z k=l (XkU, Y(X *c v))I Ik

Since IL~zI S C C~-I $Z~ "Ix-x'j8 Js-x'jS-c " ds ix,_sl l+~ ix_yl I+6-~ c c o~-I l~_~,ls-~/ix_y11+8-~ ,, Ie211 ~ C Cg-I fl~ C ~ i Is-x'l~-~ --ix_yll+8_g n-i 18-g/ l+8-g C0 Ix-x' Ix-yl , as 30 ,, n-i I s-xJ 6-s i ]~111 _-< c cO ds ix_yll+~_d Ii~, ] - ~ Ix-x' 16-81I x-yl i+s-5 s C Cn-i 0 and IL~21 ~ c~-I Ix-x'16-8 Ix-yPI+5-8 {lli~ K(x,s)ds I +I ,, ds Ii I~'-sl C C0n-I Ix-x' 16-e/Ix-ylI+6-8 we have, with I0" = I "1 O 12" U I~ , . . x-x'[ 8-g n-i C CO 18-g Jx-x[14_6_8 Ix-Y Ix-x'l6-8 n-i ix_x,18-S/ix_yll+8-¢ C CO Since K(n)(x,y) is either anti-symmetric or symmetric, we have also IK(n)(x,y) - K(n)(x,y')l for x, y, y' ( IR with IY-Y'I ~ Ix-Yl/2.

In (0,~) such that by k and (k => i), X A(x) = f0 If(s) Ids If(x) l < k ~c. e. e. e. on Let (Ifl) • X (0,~). = ~ l~l,k (0,®) - ~I " ~I = {x > 0; A(x) # B(x)}. (k ~ i), Then 34 Considering Then f(-x), we obtain, in the same manner, an open set ~2 in (0,~). ~i U {-x; x E ~2 } is the required open set. 2. satisfy Let f be an integrable function in an interval k > (Ifl)l. e. M is defined by the supremum is taken over all intervals M I k > 0 such that I The (non-centered) maximal operator denotes the norm of in and let (k>= i), (Ifl) I =< ~,k on ~ I I Mf(x) = sup(Ifl) I, containing as an operator from Lp x.

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