A History of the Borgias by Frederick Baron Corvo

By Frederick Baron Corvo

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The history of the House of Borgia is the history of the healing of the Great Schism of the Renascence of letters and the arts of the Invention of Printing of the Muslim ; ; ; Invasion of Europe of the consolidation of that Pontifical Sovereignty which endured till 1870; the history of the Discovery of a World; the history of the Discovery, hy man, of Man. "To penetrate the abyss of any human personality is ; impossible. ) Much more obscure must be his friend's; and darker still, his enemy's and these alive.

7, 8). "Suscitans a terra inopem: "et de stercore erigens pauperem. "Ut collocet eum cum principibus: "cum principibus populi Sui. (Vulgate, Ps. cxii. 6, 7). P. Ill was not unnaturally popular. It will be readily admitted that the Roman baronial houses of Colonna and Orsini would have been more than human had they not felt some mortifi- caticn at the failure of their conclavial manoeuvres to secure the Papacy for one of themselves. Still, the thing Catalan the Romans of the fifteenth century was done.

King Don Alonso was a crowned king; but he perfectly was aware that he was powerless to keep his crown, much less to secure the succession for the offspring of his illicit love, unless he could gain the confirmation, the licence, of the Roman Pontiff in technical phrase, a sovereign found it to be indispensable that he should be able to add to his style of King By The Grace Of God, And By The Favour Of The Apostolic See. P. IV, headed by Bishop Alonso de Borja, to whose incessant labour and exquisite mastery of affairs was due the treaty, ratified in 1444, by which the Pope's Holiness of the one part confirmed the crown of Naples, the Two Sicilies, and Jerusalem, to King Don Alonso I.

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