A Colour Atlas of Sexually Transmitted Diseases by Anthony Wisdom

By Anthony Wisdom

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Also be used in the investigation of cases of persistent urethritis, or when or another intra-urethral lesion is thought to be present. Occasionally intra-urethral surgical techniques may be performed with the urethroscope. In the past, anterior urethroscopy to exclude stricture was a part of the tests of cure after treatment of urethritis but this complication is now so rare that routine urethroscopy is seldom practised. The instrument may also be used for vaginal examination in infants. littritis Apparatus.

Circle arises of tissue damage. Fissuring exacerbated by concomitant with lichen sclerosis et infections. It is atrophicus (LSA) (see frequently seen in patients p. _ Swelling (oedema) of the prepuce is frequently associated with trauma sexual activity) but may also occur with balanoposthitis or (often and is particularly marked if a phimotic prepuce is retracted and becomes caught behind the glans penis (paraphimosis, see 13); oedema is usually more marked on the ventral surface. Pale areas occurring at the preputial margin (often associated with phimosis) or patchily on other parts of the prepuce, penile shaft or the glans penis may occasionally cause attendance.

Usually easy to collect blood by venepuncture in tourniquet is placed round the limb proximal to skin is is disinfected. The vein is aspirated into the syringe or steadied and the vacuum tube and is released before the needle is withdrawn. Digital pressure any bleeding from the puncture. The blood in the syringe is expelled into the collecting tube after the needle has been removed: if the blood is expelled through the needle haemolysis may occur and invalidate subsequent examination. In infants it is easiest to collect specimens by heel stab.

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