A Black Man in the White House: Barack Obama and the by Cornell Belcher

By Cornell Belcher

America's racial fault strains run uninterrupted from the times of slavery to these of lynchings, separate water fountains, and the modern Jim Crow of voter suppression, gerrymandered balloting districts, and the try to nullify the presidency of America's first Black leader govt.

during this ebook Cornell Belcher provides beautiful new learn that illuminates simply how deep and jagged those racial fault traces stay. Cornell has surveyed battleground citizens from 2008 in the course of the 2016 fundamental season, monitoring racial aversion and its impression over the process the Obama presidency. Given the heightened racial aversion because of the 1st non-white male dwelling within the White condominium, the increase of Trump used to be a predictable backlash. The election of the nation's first Black president doesn't suggest that we are living in a post-racial society; it implies that we're now at a severe old tipping aspect demographically and culturally in the United States and this tipping element is certainly the wolf on the door for plenty of apprehensive white american citizens.

The panicked reaction of the waning white majority to what they understand because the disaster of a Black president may be heard in each cry to take again our nation. This panic has ended in the elevation of an overt and unapologetic racist because the nominee of 1 of America's significant political events.

Let's be transparent, as Belcher issues out: there's no going again. America's altering inhabitants and the continuing globalization of our marketplaces will not permit it. with a view to compete and win the long run, the USA needs to permit pass of the ancient tribal pecking order and a procedure gamed to want the outdated ruling white elite.

To paraphrase DuBois, 'The challenge of the twenty-first century continues to be the colour line.'

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The Compromise called for Hayes to recall all federal troops from the South in ex, change for Southern Democrats withdrawing their opposi, cion to his election-a compromise under which Southern politicians, referred co as "redeemer Democrats': created new state constitutions, passed new voter registration laws to make voting more difficult for African-Americans, and ushered in the age of "Jim Crow': Jim Crow- named for a character invented by the minstrel performer Thomas Dartmouth Rice (18o8-186o) whose "Jim Crow" was a broad racial caricature intended to Hatter the then-contemporary conceit of white superior, icy-was a series of laws, statues, and ordinances enacted in the years between 1874 and 1975 that codified racial segregation in the South.

Parliament reacted to the Tea Party that followed Hutchinson's ruling by trying to punish Massachusetts. On March 28, 1774, they passed the Co~ ercive (or Intolerable) Acts, which, among other things, shut down commerce in Boston and repealed the right co self~government in the entire state. A little more chan a year later, on April 18, 1775, Paul Re~ vere made his famous ride. So WE SEE that the tax on rea was not the only issue char outraged the colonists and caused them to revolt against English rule.

And as Aistrup pointed our, originally, back in 1957, "it was an attempt to build on Eisenhower's popularity in the South by creating a moderate~co-conser­ vacive, 'non~racist' Southern Republican parry:· Following Richard Nixon's loss in 1960, however, the RNC drafted a number of theories as to why they encountered this loss. Barry Goldwater's theory took the lead. He firmly believed that what the Republican Party needed was the Southern vote. He also felt that Nixon, or any other candidate who ran on their platform, could be more appealing to white voters if the platform shied away from support of civil rights.

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