7th Sea Compendium by Jennifer Wick, John Wick, Kevin Wilson, Rob Vaux

By Jennifer Wick, John Wick, Kevin Wilson, Rob Vaux

This compilation of ideas, updates and participant details includes info on each element of seventh Sea.

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Fanaticism can be blinding and the Inquisition is so caught up with saving everyone’s soul that they don’t realize how dangerous they’ve become. Someday we may stumble, and spear ourselves dead. Thank you. Professor Andrea Galia The Inquisition This section gives you a better idea of the mindset driving the Inquisition. No villains ever believe they’re doing evil and Cardinal Verdugo’s forces are no exception. The average Inquisitor doesn’t believe he’s abusing his power. He sees the world’s wickedness tearing lives apart, destroying good souls, and strengthening the forces of Legion.

The building is lit by sunlight shining in through apertures two units high and two units wide spaced along the ceiling and covered in some hard, clear substance that resists our attempts to break it. We are uncertain what the structure signifies, but we are fairly certain that it has some sort of religious significance. Site B is located to the southeast of Terra’s Blood, approximately one mile from the ocean’s shore. It is a mirror, down to the exact detail, of Site A, at least from what we can tell by what we have uncovered.

I have just received a letter from my former colleague, Father Butolli, which I have included for your perusal. It relates that another of the Setines has been discovered on the smallest island in the Vodacce Keys, which is owned by the Villanova family. The importance of this particular sample is that it reportedly exhibits traits from both the male and female genders, as well as being roughly androgynous in shape and size when compared to our former finds. I believe this Setine may present the Project with a unique opportunity to piece together the common denominator between the existing samples.

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