50 Math and Science Games for Leadership by Seah Wee Khee, Sukandar Hadinoto, Charles Png, Ang Ying Zhen

By Seah Wee Khee, Sukandar Hadinoto, Charles Png, Ang Ying Zhen

Did you love Math or technological know-how at school? have you ever performed video games that encouraged your proposal strategies for Math and technological know-how? attempting to be artistic on your Math, technological know-how or management category? Can management study? Is management an paintings or a technological know-how or Math? looking to effect your education application with artistic video games? A primer for management improvement, this e-book introduces Math and technology video games with a evaluate method part that may be used for management guide. The booklet highlights key management ideas which express that leaders needs to: Ask questions; Be disciplined; Create and notice issues in a different way; increase assets; have interaction in energetic listening; Make priorities; Multiply leaders; challenge clear up; Set an instance; Sacrifice; seek and discover; Strategize; help variety; paintings in groups and collaborate.

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Key Leadership Understanding Leaders are life long learners. They stay current in the news. They look for trends and are open to new approaches. Math/Science Concepts Applicable Distance Equipment/Logistics Newspapers (preferably with pictures) Time Required 10 minutes Game Objective Be the first group to cross the finishing line Group Size Six to eight Procedure The goal of this game is to get from point A to point B, stepping on newspaper. Divide the group into two teams. Each player is given two pieces of newspaper to move from a starting point A to the finishing line B.

Math/Science Concepts Applicable Symmetry Equipment/Logistics Any location Time Required 20 minutes Game Objective Be the first group to find (and take pictures of) a fixed number of symmetrical objects within a time limit Group Size Three to four Procedure Divide participants into groups of three. Give each group a digital camera, or ensure that each group has a camera phone. indd 15 15 3/9/2007 3:52:42 PM 20 minutes for the groups to search in the compound for symmetrical objects—architectural designs, rooms, ornaments, etc.

Equipment/Logistics Blindfolds Time Required 20 minutes Game Objective Be the first group to finish the obstacle course Group Size Six to eight Procedure All the players are blindfolded. Each player is allocated a number by the facilitator. ) is decided by the facilitator. indd 39 39 3/9/2007 3:52:45 PM Only one player in the group called the coordinator is allowed to talk. The coordinator will line team members up in ascending or descending order according to the facilitator’s instruction. The main challenge is for the coordinating player who can talk to communicate with the rest so that he or she can arrange the group members according to the facilitator’s instructions.

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