"Simply put, some artists just get it -the big picture, the balance between the love of their homeland and a sense of its (and their) place in the world. The sense of how their art and their love of it transcend all borders and help lead humanity toward understanding, appreciation and, ultimately, love and things eternal. Berta Rojas shows us how this is done. She is Paraguayan, and intimately connected to the music of her countryman, Agustin Barrios, who was, like her, a romantic and an idealist- and also a fabulous guitarist. I invite you to experience this music, created by a virtuoso deeply bonded to a fine composer."
Jim McCutcheon
Soundboard (GFA), 2008

"Berta Rojas is, for me, one of the most inspirational musicians I've had the pleasure to listen to in recent years. In particular, her interpretation of the music of Agustin Barrios, one of her fellow countrymen, is second to none. The poetry she instils into this most beautiful of music is awe-inspiring - her outstanding technical facility around the guitar fingerboard, together with her innate musicianship, allowing her to present stylish, impeccable performances to stir the senses. It is a privilege to be associated with this wonderful recording project."
Steve Marsh
Classical Guitar Magazine, 2008

"Berta Rojas is a master guitarist who displays outstanding technical and musical capabilities in this recording. Her feeling for the music imbues these interpretations with qualities that reflect what one imagines Barrios originally intended… The qualities of Barrios are aurally conveyed to us through the music by Rojas: love of beauty, goodness, spirituality and love itself. There is great tenderness in some of the interpretations but Rojas is capable of chameleon-like swings in mood as required in La Catedral, and the transition from Choro da Saudade to Las Abejas. Her tremolo is as smooth as glass and the often remarkably challenging technical components of the music are disguised by formidable technique, making them seem non-existent. Not to be missed if the original release escaped you."
Zane Turner, MusicWeb International


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The foremost Paraguayan Guitarist, Berta Rojas, pays tribute to the foremost Paraguayan composer, Agustin Barrios.



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